Version 7

Life is  a strange thing you know… 

we walk a path that is set before us, not knowing where it shall lead, we may encounter detours along the way and one may stumble and fall. Many times it takes a while before we are able to pick ourselves up again and continue walking but eventually we get back on track. I have come to realize that one way or another, we come Full Circle… back to our beginnings … you see, all is infinite, all shall return to where it came from. All was set up to be a certain way but man has manipulated it all and now we suffer the consequences ~ physically, Spiritually, mentally.

There is hope, though… there is ALWAYS hope!!! There are signs everywhere but we are oftentimes too blind to see ~ we get so caught up with this & that, that we don’t realize all that is being revealed to us. 

There is a Higher Power trying to lead us, to guide us, to show us the way … but in our ignorance, we lose ourselves.
My mission here is simply to share the lessons learned and all things revealed as I try as best I can to put into words all that has been transmitted into my heart.

From my heart to yours,

Aixa ~ ♥ ~ 


( I wrote these words years ago but I still feel the same… )

~ Purpose & Vision:

It is my purpose and vision to help encourage you to create your own reality ~ the way it was meant to be, not as it is but as it CAN be. I hope to be able to inspire by sharing the “lessons learned” with anyone who wishes to listen and receive. It is my intention to give back by being the vessel through which these thoughts become words and are somehow transformed into actions by acceptance, visualization and faith. It is my duty to finish what has been started, to fulfill MY purpose by applying the Truth I’ve learned. And if just for a moment, a simple word or sentence can make a difference or touch your heart, then that purpose has been fulfilled.

(I’m just one who’s learned that there’s so much more to learn but wish to share the little known with all who wish to listen & receive. I’m also here to listen & receive whatever else “I” need to learn.)

Although there are many things that we don’t always understand why they happen as they do (& most-likely never will), I know that there’s a reason. The reason however is not very important, what is though, is what we do and how we react to that which does happen. We oftentimes waste so much time and effort trying to “figure things out”, that we miss “life” ~ we are so caught up regretting & dwelling on yesterday or so worried or anxious about tomorrow, that we are not able to enjoy today. Today is all we really have, right now, this moment. And it is precious…enjoy it, live it, appreciate it!

~ Ideal Objective:

To live our lives with passion, no matter what days may bring. To let go of our yesterday and all that has held us back. To not worry about tomorrow with fears of the unknown. To find peace in the midst of adversity. To awaken & be enlightened. To love without condition or prejudice, to give without expectation, to laugh every chance we get, to appreciate the little things (which aren’t so little when we realize the beauty of them)…aaahhh, what life we CAN have…it is all within us.
~ Envision Today!  ☮~ ♥ ~ 🙂

Hugs, Love & Blessings to you all…

 Aixa Garcia, Copyright © 2014– All rights reserved.



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