“How Will You Tell YOUR Story?

How Will You Tell YOUR Story? By Aixa Garcia 7/9/17
I saw this posted on the wall of the photography area on a cruise I recently took. The words stood out to me and I had to stop and take a picture of it. It made me think… How WILL I tell my story??? …
I have many answers and none at all. I have many stories and none at all as well. Life is constantly evolving, constantly changing and one never knows what tomorrow will bring. Will “I” tell my story or will someone else tell it for me? Will it be told on its own by my daily walk, my daily actions? ~ By what has gone by and what is yet to become? We tell it every day in our own way but what we live and what we reveal may not always be the same. What we express and what is interpreted is also not the same…you see, people only show what they want to show and others only see what they believe. We are quick to judge and criticize those which we believe are walking the wrong path and others do it towards us when they see us fall or when we’re simply “not ourselves”…we’re all guilty of doing it when we don’t understand, when we don’t know the struggle, the pain, the difficulties, the tests that one may be facing. There are many reasons why we do the things we do and we act the way we act and if others only knew those reasons, then they would understand. But the story is read before it’s told, before it fully unfolds. How can one guess an ending which hasn’t arrived? Even the characters who live it may not even understand, they’re creating their own scripts as days come. Too many “judge the book by its cover”, not knowing what is inside …what surprises we all find once we begin to read, to see, to truly see and read between the lines!!! The things that ARE, are not & the things that AREN’T , are!!! (words that came to me one day) Nothing is really as it seems to be…until it becomes what it truly must be. So the story can’t be told until it’s over, until the Master writer writes “The End”.
I started writing years ago. I was urged one night, led out of bed and guided to write…I watched my hand as it flowed through the pages and words appeared. Perhaps one day I’ll finish…perhaps one day someone will finish it for me. With each new day new wisdom is found, with every struggle, new strength is found, with each new obstacle, new faith is found…Life is lived in cycles until we “get it”…it’s all a process we must go through and whether others understand our walk or not, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we come full circle, back to where we were created with Divine knowledge ~ knowledge which we somehow distanced ourselves from, trying to write a story “our way”, rather than allowing the Master writer do His thing, HIS way … nothing we would ever write could ever be as grand as that which has already been written for us ~ it’s all a matter of positioning ourselves on the right page, becoming the ink with which the Author tells OUR story…
From my heart to yours,
Aixa Garcia, Copyright © 2017 – All rights reserved.

“Center Yourself”

“Center Yourself”

~ by Aixa Garcia 5-21-17


Today something felt different… you know that feeling that something is about to happen, that something is about to change but you’re not quite sure what? That urge tugs at you and it won’t let go until you allow it. You see, we all have that inside of us ~ something that guides us, that lets us Know when to silence ourselves, to disconnect from the outside world and allow Spirit to speak and receive.

Life is full of noise, the loudness dims the voice of guidance. We are so engulfed in every day occurrences that we overlook what is trying to be shown to us. Maybe unconsciously we avoid even knowing, for if we remain ignorant, we have an excuse…hmmm. We search for answers but turn to all the wrong sources ~ we find distractions, ways to escape our reality, believing that in such things happiness is found… maybe temporarily…the fakeness of those smiles, the poses just to be seen, the joy one tries to project but at the end of the day, only tears hit those pillows, as the empty soul reminds you that you tried too hard (worse are those who can’t even cry, those who aren’t even aware)… but those with discernment can see through a forced smile ~ nothing speaks louder than our eyes ~ no matter how beautifully they are masked, as paint does wonders but the master artist sees all flaws, sees beyond. There is nothing wrong with being raw, to show emotion or true life lessons, as those are what make us stronger, that teach us character and take us to that higher level ~ usually not til we hit the ground and some of us are too proud to show that side. That’s not to say one must yell it at the top of our lungs in every detail to just anyone but to pretend to be what one is not, just to make others think we’re at a different level, well… one only fools oneself. So many are focusing on all the wrong things and are trying to force or manipulate things into happening rather than allowing them to flow. Yes, we must do our part but we must also center ourselves into a position of openness and allowance.

Sometimes we pray wrong, we pray for what we want, not for what is best for us ~ what is intended for us. Yes, we have to ask and believe in order to receive but are we asking according to God’s will? According to what our Higher Source has planned for us? Sometimes we think we want something and just go out and try to force it into being when all we had to do was ask according to God’s will and center ourselves allowing ALL to flow to us.

We always hear the saying, “go with the flow” but do we know it’s meaning? ( = to be relaxed and accept a situation, rather than trying to alter or control it. ) Hmmmmm, can we do that? I know I haven’t been able to always do it… I know the feelings all too well from life’s “lessons”, this or that situation, sometimes things beyond our control (others not) yet we try, how we try but all things will be the way they are supposed to be for the time that it must, no matter how we try to change them. And after we try with no avail, we realize that some things belong to a Higher Power.

And so it takes me back to centering myself, releasing myself from it all and simply allowing it. Opening myself up to receiving what the Universe has for me, what God has planned (which is greater than anything I could ever dream of) When we center ourselves in love, One with God/Divinity/The Universe, we begin a shift, we give permission for blessings to be poured upon us, we are saying… “Here I am, your servant, do what you want with me, I Believe and I am open to receive, ALL that is mine” with an open heart & one of gratitude, we give thanks for what shall come, what already belongs to us, without forcing, without manipulations… THEN things begin to happen, naturally, effortlessly, we go with the flow and the flow inundates us with everyday miracles ~ doors begin to open, opportunities arise, dreams become reality…our lives change in ways that we never had imagined ~ you see we are too small to conceive, achieve or receive ALL that our God has planned for us unless we detach from the mundane things we have believed will bring us happiness and simply center ourselves!!!

So that feeling today??? … not quite sure what is about to happen but I’m centering myself …open to receive…


From my heart to yours,



Aixa Garcia, Copyright © 2017– All rights reserved.

“The Fight”

“The Fight”


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“The Fight”   ~ by Aixa Garcia  5~23~14


Once again, I fight!  ~ Ever since I can remember, I have been fighting…for one reason or another, I have fought for this or that. Even from the womb, I fought to come to be…and now I fight not to leave. Higher forces have tried to intervene, to interfere, knowing of the mission which is to be completed, the assignment that is yet to be fulfilled. Even as of yesterday, making me believe that maybe my work here is done…but how could it be? ~ No, it can’t be…the messages & prophecies say otherwise, therefore I must fight. I must fight all that comes against me and the tricks that have been tried to be played on me. You see, there are many things unseen and some of us are more in-tune with them than others. We all have the ability but not all are aware of it. There is also a specific plan for each of us, a plan so detailed, it’s like a roadmap ~ every turn, every stop, every exit has been put into place. So everything that happens, every person we meet, is there for the purpose of this journey. The problem is, that if we don’t rely upon the map, or we use our own free will, wrong turns are made. There also is a chance of a detour along the way…but in the end, whether it’s by map, by gps, by our own free will or with any and all detours, our destination is always found. We may not always reach it at the time we thought we would, or by the time we should have but eventually, if we don’t turn back, we get there.

I believe the detours in our path are a means of distraction, a way to test our determination and patience. But we also must be conscious that what may seem to be a detour, could be a blessing in disguise as we may have thought we were on the right path but it was only the path “we” chose, not the one that was intended for that specific plan…that Divine plan which was created from the beginning of time.

Discernment and Divine guidance is the only way we’ll know for sure ~ as many things SEEM so perfect because “we” made it so and until we reach that destination, we won’t know what was missing until we find it. (somehow inside I think we always know though…that something is missing)

So that takes me to the fight…whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we want to believe it or not, there are greater Forces than us in control of ALL that happens around us. There are no coincidences in life …everything and everyone is connected to this Divine plan. Each and every one of us has a purpose, a mission to fulfill, to complete for the greater good ~ because of this, there are evil forces trying to prevent that at all times. With our limited understanding of the Spiritual World, we mainly see, think and act in the natural…but we are Spiritual beings, living in human form, therefore we possess the ability to be able to fight anything that comes against us. We also possess gifts and powers beyond our comprehension ~ through faith, dedication, desire and the will of the Divine, we can use these at any given time…but we limit ourselves with doubt & unbelief…so much strength and power wasted by our blindness.

There’s so much that we don’t understand and never will but there’s also much that is wanting to be revealed and we are too distracted with this or that, that we don’t even notice. Although we all have a purpose in this life, there are some who’s purpose is so great, a purpose that shall impact many lives and bring them to a higher awareness, a higher understanding, a higher level, that opposing Forces cannot stand the thought of it and will do anything and everything in their power to prevent such purposes, missions & assignments to be completed…in such cases, their main goal is the soul.

We oftentimes are so quick to judge & criticize people when they “fall from grace”, when they stumble & fall, when they lose their way. Sometimes saying that it must be a “punishment” or things of that sort, not knowing what we are saying, not knowing their fight. We point fingers, we talk and we give our opinions ~ we say how we would never ever do or say such a thing, how they should have done this or could have done that and how “we” would act in such a situation…but how WOULD we act? There are Forces that take over us in a blink of an eye, if we are not careful ~ none of us are exempt from the attacks of evil…therefore we must guard our tongues when we speak, and beware, be it not that one day “we” will walk through that path, or have to see a loved one through it. If only we were more aware or conscious of the “why’s” of things, we could understand, love and help those who have lost their way.(we could be better equipped when we lose ours) I had a conversation once where I spoke to a friend about an experience with a person who had committed a horrible crime, in the conversation, it came up that this was a good person…my friend couldn’t understand this ~ I simply said, “Not everyone who does “bad” things, is a “bad” person”. And this couldn’t be truer ~ when we are being attacked by these forces, we do things out of character, we are not ourselves and we are fighting an unseen Spiritual battle. To the human, unbelieving mind, these people are “bad”, sick, insane, etc. ~ there is a label for everything and not much understanding. Now I won’t even go into much more details on this, since it’s a touchy subject but my point is, that no great purpose is achieved without a great fight.

I have been walking through this path on my way to my destination ~ I’ve been attacked ~ more times than I care to count. I have been misunderstood, mocked, judged & criticized (even by those who claimed to love me). I have been hurt & beaten ~ ( physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)  I have lost everything (more than once) and I’ve lost my way, not knowing in which direction to go. I have seen & felt things in the Supernatural that I wish I never had. I have been shown many things, either by my own experiences or those of others close to me. I have stumbled, I have fallen, but I always pick myself up…no matter how tough it gets, no matter what comes against me, no matter how difficult the situation or circumstance, no matter how big the battle, no matter how much I go through, through it all, I know the “why’s” of the battle for my soul…therefore I fight!!! I may be tiny in structure but my will to survive, to reach this destination that is ever so close, to fulfill this purpose, this mission which has been assigned to me, is soooooo great, that I cannot look at how small I am in the physical but at how great the powers within me are. I shall use them to the best of my ability and according to the Divine’s will, believing that no matter what others think, what others believe, what others do to me, it ALL has purpose & gives me strength…each new setback becomes a stepping stone, every fall & bruise makes me stronger, all my detours bring awareness, each lesson makes me wiser, every battle only assures me of how great the purpose is…so I continue walking towards that destination, ready and willing to fight ~ with all I’ve got!!!


~ From my heart to yours,





Aixa Garcia, Copyright © 2014– All rights reserved.

“Another Blank Page”

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“Another Blank Page”    ~by Aixa Garcia 3-11-15


Another blank page sits before me, I stare at it for quite a while.

The words are there, inside of me, dying to bring themselves forth but I resist, I hold back, in fear of what may be said. You see, I say tooo much sometimes, I share my heart, my thoughts, my gifts but they are not always understood. Though many confirm their helpfulness and how they have been touched in one way or another…others resist, afraid of the truth, afraid to feel, afraid to see within themselves. But even “I” resist what they may reveal…so much has already been said and sometimes I just don’t want to know. But the urge inside is much greater than me and eventually I have to give in. What is it that wants to be said? What is it that needs to be shared? If I hold back, it pains me with the thought of rejecting my gifts. But if I share, my heart is open, in the hands of the one who receives…or resists. I try to separate myself, the “human” self from feelings and emotions but it’s often difficult to do…as FEELING is part of how I receive…you see, I have a gift that Feels things, that goes deep within one’s soul, I can feel the pain in others, though they hide it behind a smile. I feel the doubt, the struggle, the pain that dwells in them deep. Maybe I feel too much but it’s part of who I am. How else could I help another? Is it so wrong to feel? To care? To give ones heart so deeply? Maybe I ask too much, maybe I expect even more. But how does one hold back from something that is in essence, out of our control? We are all here for a reason, with a purpose and a mission to fulfill. I am currently walking my journey and still learning along the way. I fall often as the path isn’t always clear but Divinity picks me up and guides me along the way. I struggle as others do and fight against adversity because we very well know…where there’s a purpose, there will always be adversity. My heart has oftentimes been broken, my world shaken but my Spirit cannot be touched…though it has tried to be, I am protected by a Force much greater than any of us. And I am always reminded to never give up, no matter what! ~ to keep on fighting, keep on believing, to keep on loving. It doesn’t matter whether our gifts are accepted, received, or understood, it only matters that we follow that Guidance that shows us what to do, then wait for Divinity to do the rest…eventually, it will ALL be understood, it will all be accepted as truth. Don’t ever reject the gifts that you have been given, it is better to do as instructed and fulfill the mission, the purpose for which we are here for, than to reject them and someone else be hurt because of it.

I feel soooo much inside and have so much to share, though I try to resist, I can’t…I am always guided to go on, no matter what. I was recently given new insight, new hope, new strength to go on and I vowed not to allow anything to ever bring me back to a place of doubt a place of darkness…the walk is not always easy but I can’t give up & neither should you…so please follow your heart, no matter what, follow that guidance, no matter what, use your gifts & talents, no matter what & don’t ever, ever give up, no matter what!!!

~ From my heart to yours,


I’m baaaaack!!!

Version 7

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. For many reasons I took a break but as life always comes Full Circle…here I am again. So much has happened since I’ve been gone ~ in time I’ll share it all. The urge has come back to me, to look within and allow all words to flow as they wish. Never knowing what to expect, I simply allow it and whatever may be, will be. Something calls me, tugs at me and it can no longer be ignored…the reasons why, I am not sure of but that something WILL be revealed, That I am certain of ~ to me, to you, to any of us who wish to open ourselves up to receive. I have many questions and very few answers, I open myself up to wherever God is leading…and so here I am, just here, just me, believing and allowing myself to be Guided.

I KNOW many are searching, for what exactly, some aren’t even sure, but something is missing… there is a void ~ a void which has been tried to be filled by all the wrong things, only leading to destruction and pain, only bringing us back to where we started…as stated before ~ coming Full Circle, Returning to our beginnings…starting all over again…

I’m baaaaack!!!

( Ready to share and to receive )