Divinity ~ how can one describe it? For it can only be felt.

How does one describe the vastness of our Universe? ~ the multitudes of stars, the Sun, the Moon, all planets (known and unknown), the wondrous oceans, the innumerable grains of sand? How does one describe the perfection of a life ~ from conception to cessation?

No man could ever explain the grandness of it all ~ and ALL there is, is all Divine…yes, even you and I  ~ as we are all ONE.One infinite Soul, connected from the beginning of time ~ together intertwined from then through infinity.

Can’t you feel it? It’s in you, it’s in me ~ I AM you, you are me. WE are one with Divinity! Why do we make it so difficult to see?

We have been given powers beyond our comprehension, gifts that we will never fully understand, missions that we must be willing to fulfill…all this we CAN tap into, once we find the Divinity in us ~ the Divinity in others. Once we detach ourselves from Self, Divinity is found…

…it has always been there ~ waiting ~



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